Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer 2x12"

Sometimes my job takes me into the centre of Birmingham, and being starved of a decent place that sells punk & hardcore vinyl any closer to home I try and make the effort to go to a small outlet there that specialises in just that.
Its a great little store, but It can be hit & miss what's on the shelves. So I was pretty overjoyed when I got chatting to the owner and upon mentioning Pig Destroyer he pulls this bad boy out of the rack - their 2nd LP 'Terrifyer'.

From checking the release history it seems that this is from the 1st press of 600 on Relapse. It's also on super tasty 180g. There are rarer pressings, 400 white and 100 clear, but I was pretty stoked to come across this so was more than happy. The store owner told me that he had to import it from Italy, which took him forever and cost a fortune. I'm sure there's more to that story, but that's all I got.
Great, bold, striking red and black business.

The band, decomposing inside the gateold.


If you're unaware and want to know, Pig Destroyer is Scott 'Agoraphobic Nosebleed' Hull's other band. Not content with putting metal guitarists in their place with one extreme grind band, he has another just in case you forgot he's better than you.


Sides A & B are the Terrifyer album, but interestingly, sides D & C is 'Natasha', which is one long 40 minute experimental song, which veers between heavy sludge and weird ambient shenanigans. I had heard of Natasha but had no idea it was included in this vinyl package until I opened it up! Pretty cool.

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