Saturday, 11 June 2011

ROT IN HELL, INTEGRITY and some other bands. NO PEACE/WAR Compilation.Band Members pressing.

This was a record store day 2011 release that I totally missed out on. To the point where I'm not even sure I knew it was happening. So I was pretty excited when Rot In Hell announced that they had a few they were selling in their webstore. Not only that but they were selling band member copies.

Pressed on red, hand numbered out of 185 (I got number 75). Apparently the idea and some work for this compilation started years and years ago but it all got put on hold for some reason. Essentially, it's Western hardcore covering Japanese hardcore.

The Integ and RIH tracks were what drew me to this but the rest of the bands offer up some cool stuff too.
The RIH track doesn't disappoint, and the Integrity one is great. Cape Of Bats sound pretty cool, should check them out. The other 2 tracks, by Gehenna and Vegas are not of the best quality, but sound bad news nasty.

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