Saturday, 18 June 2011

Part 2 of ROT IN HELL - 7"s.

As promised, the 2nd part of my Rot In Hell vinyl, the 7"s. This will be the last post of stuff already in my collection. New arrivals from here on out!
Some of the 7"s here are not on the most limited runs. I imagine this is like looking at your girlfriend knowing you only went with her cause you wanted to shag her mate. You still love her and all that, but secretly you know she was your second choice. Such is the nature of this vinyl beast, sometimes you just miss out. But they're out there, and one day some silly sod will sell them to me.
A good place to start - the Sins Of Malice demo. A really impressive package this one. Even better is the fact that a good friend of mine up North sent me this for free. He may be grooming me for sexual favours at a later date, and I don't mind that.

Flip it over to reveal foldy cardboard Process Cross


Open it up - Spray painted picture of Robert DeGrimston on the flip-side, lyric sheet, spray painted dust jacket with hand numbering. I got 028/219.

Not bad for a demo! The tracks on here (one of which ended up re-recorded on the APBS lp ) are raw as bollocks and sound incredible.
Next, RIH split with Brain Dead - Millennial Psychosis'. The RIH track on here is my favourite thing they've done. Its listed as 2 tracks but it never actually stops, it's one long awesome beast.


Curious plastic dust jacket. Joint release by Rumour Control & Feast Of Tentacles records. Brain Dead on the other side are a UK Powerviolence band from Leicester. I like these a lot from what I've heard here and on a Rumour Control compilation 7" I've got. Well worth checking out if you like it fast as fuck one minute then slow and crusty the next. All good.
Next, RIH & The Process split - 'The Works Of Fate'
Great artwork by Scrawled Design.
Really detailed. The devil cradling a baby goat? Just what you need.

The RIH track features guest whispering by Dwid.


The Process are a UK metallic hardcore band. From the spoken part at the end of their song it sounds like they're actually from somewhere in Scotland. Hadn't heard them before this but I was impressed. Not as fast as RIH but channeling the same spirit. They've got a full length out now called Rosenkreutz, but it's only on CD for the time being, vinyl to follow. I can wait...
This 7" released by Feast Of Tentacles and limited to 500.
RIH & Wayfarer split. Amazing artwork on this one, again by Scrawled Design.


Thick gatefold, pressed on Grey 180g and limited to 200. Astonishing amount of effort put into a 7". Released by Carry The Weight records.


Wayfarer are another UK hardcore band, who again I hadn't heard of. After hearing this I got more of their releases, a full length and a 7" both on CTW records. They're pounding, crunchy metallic hardcore, in the vein of New Lows or Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon. If that sounds good to you then check them out, you will not be disappointed. They seem to use a lot of Norse mythology for their subject matter, which to a guy like me who knows fuck all about Norse mythology, somehow makes it even cooler.
Finally, RIH & Horders split - 'The Omega Suite'

If you didn't look at the sleeve and just stuck this on, you'd have no idea this was RIH. It's not Nate on vocals, it's one of the guitarists. Instead of dark raging hardcore, it's dark acoustic pagan folk. I have not much experience of pagan folk on which to base that link but still that's what springs to mind. Haunting acoustic guitar and clean sung mantra-like vocals repeating 'god is man, man is god'. I can imagine the residents of Summerisle dancing around to this while they burn Edward Woodward. Despite being the polar opposite musically of what they normally sound like, it works perfectly. The art is awesome, all done by Give Up.


Horders are the musical side project of designer Give Up, and provide 2 tracks of dark instrumentals. Clean, slightly out of tune guitar picks out a tune over faint distorted chords. It's creepy stuff, really good accompaniment to the Rot side.
Released on Feast Of Tentacles, a run of 400.

That's about the size of it.

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