Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Part 1 of ROT IN HELL - 12"s.

The eventual aim of this blog is to post only about new records that the postal service doth deliver unto me. Im going to avoid posting about all the vinyl I've collected up until now for the most part but, like with the ANB stuff, there's a couple of bands in my collection that I'm going to add here anyway. Mainly because I aim to add to what I've already got and I want it all up here. So there. Breaking my own rules. 

Anyway. Onwards. The first part of my Rot In Hell collection. RIH are one of my favourite hardcore bands currently together and releasing music. I'm talking top 3. They might be number 1. They're also from the UK, which makes it double brilliant. They play a ferocious breed of Holy Terror, with all the right nods to Integ and Gehenna. And if that doesn't sound good, then you done goofed.  First up, my 12"s.

This is the Hallways Of The Always LP, released on A389 Records. A collection of tracks from the demo 7" and the split 7"s they did up to a point. Any RIH fan will know that they release a split 7" about once a week so it's far from complete, but nice to have some early stuff all in one place.

Front cover art. I love this. Badass forest/Process Cross combo.


It's a gatefold deal. Photo of the band. 


Nothing special there you say? What's that? You say there should be a Process Cross embossed on each band members face that only shows up when you hold it towards the light? Well look again...


Pressed on black with white splatter, limited to 800.

Next is the bands latest and first full length release, As Pearls Before Swine. Needless to say it's balls out and one of the best things I'll hear all year.The cover art is a piece by Jacob Bannon, and it's some fucked up rat skeleton just so you know what time it is.

The gatefold cover folded out, double rat skeleton.


Inside the gatefold, which has the tracklist and a dead animal. I suppose it could be sleeping. It's not. 


This is on the back of the lyric sheet. I don't know what that is.

The vinyl itself is brilliant. I've never seen such a cool mix of colour used to better effect. It's listed as Orange/Gold mix on the Deathwish release list.

It matches the artwork perfectly, and the rotting rust effect it gives suits the corrosive sound to the music.
Released by Deathwish, only 300 pressed.

Lastly, the Nui live LP. it's not an LP i guess, clocking in at just over 20 mins with 5 tracks but it rips anyway. I had no idea this had been released. I spotted it browsing A389's webstore looking for Weekend Nachos vinyl to buy and ordered it instantly. Originally released to raise cash for the bands flight over to Baltimore to play at the A389 Birthday Bash i believe. 
Awesome silk-screened cover.


Black vinyl and the insert. The insert gives details of when it was recorded and it reads like it was performed in front of a selected, invited audience. Lots of other stuff too like how 'the prescence of the Barghest' was in their midst and how 'some doors should never be opened'. I just wish I was there. It's a pretty stark package but works really well.


Best of all is the flip, which is blank vinyl. 


This looks like the shiniest, smoothest, blackest thing know to man. I love seeing a blank vinyl flip-side. Process Cross in the centre. Released on A389. One time only press of 300. Done deal.

Part 2 of this will be all my RIH 7"s, which I'll get up here soon.

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