Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Grown Ups - Hand Holder EP

A couple months back, a pre-order popped up out of nowhere for this 7". I had been introduced to Grown Ups by a friend in the middle of last summer, the perfect time of year for a band like this.
I'm not sure I can do a good job of describing them, but if i throw Algernon Cadwallader esque melodic punk with anthemic sing-a-longs and gang vocals at you and you DON'T want to listen, then we gots problems.
Their debut LP 'More Songs' was one of my favourites from last year. The experience of dealing with my delivery of that 12" from the label BSM was not. This record had to make the whopping 1 hours trip from Oxford up the motorway to where i live and that somehow took nearly a month. But that's another story. Lazy sods.
Anyway, look - pretty picture!


This is the 1st pressing of only 100, pressed on glow in the dark vinyl and released on Doghouse Records.

These disappeared pretty fast so I'm pleased I grabbed one, despite shipping from the US on one 7" being ridiculous. 
These first 100 also came with an 8 page zine by the band.

There's lyrics, live shots and strange pictures, also a curious picture of an Algernon Cadwallader business card. It's a nice extra to give out with the first run of pressings.

There's a 2nd press already up at MerchNow ( these guys seem to be handling the sale and shipping of the EP, and doing a great job of it too) on green or black vinyl. But no zine. You can't get the zine. And you won't be able to find your record in the pitch black either. So there.